Flexible packaging provides product protection, durability and extended shelf life to items used not only for the FMCG market but for a variety of other industries including pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to name just a few in the form of pouches, bags, shrink sleeves and cardboard packaging.  Products of any shape and size can be packaged and branded with the choice of a wide range of materials depending on the products requirements allowing for creative designs to advertise and attract consumers.


Sachets and sticks are the perfect way to present single serve portions of a variety of powders like sugar, coffee and other spices.  They are small and light weight but contain strength, formation and have resistance to bursting.  Sachets are designed to ensure the contents remain dry and fresh by keeping moisture out.  They are grease resistant and heat sealable. Sugar, salts, and alike use paper-poly laminations and 100% recyclable paper, while tea bag envelopes use metallised-paper laminations and 100% recyclable paper.  


These single serve pockets are created with the importance of presentation and quality in mind, their size may be limited, but they still allow for crystal clear colour and fine detail to illustrate their contents while ensuring excellent sealing capabilities.




Packaging designed for chippies and similar snacks must take into consideration the need to preserve shelf life, taste and the quality of the ingredients, but also to ensure the materials components remain in the packaging itself rather than transferring into the product affecting the taste and aroma.  Metallised BOPP is heat sealable and can be easily laminated producing a high-quality gloss finish. It provides a moisture barrier, prevents contaminants and tampering all while keeping that all important taste and crunch, we all know and love. 


Large areas of advertising space is perfect for creating exciting designs using FlexoHD technology to produce photo-realistic images and bright colours letting your brand take centre stage on any supermarket shelf, but protecting the fragile contents from being crushed during general supply chain handling was also important, the solution is a bag filled with nitrogen gas preventing such snacks from oxidising and going stale, while providing a strong and flexible structure that is not bulky and easily displayed.


Licorice is a black (but can also be other colours) confection that is often heavy and carries a high gloss surface due to coatings and other ingredients used during its production.  Choosing the right type packaging is important to provide a strong support of its contents, as well as a suitable canvas for branding.  It needs to maintain clean, bright colours without residue of the ingredients or the darkness of the confection itself staining the packaging and ruining the overall appeal of the design.  We hold several options from laminated paper and BOPP both allowing for matte or high gloss finishes, or you can use a combination of both which results in an eye-catching textile appearance.  The packaging is metallised inside, heat sealable and provides moisture and oxygen barrier properties to keep the contents fresh and free of contaminants. 




Choosing the right kind of packaging for bars of soap is important to enhance the marketability of the product.  Not only does shelf life need to be considered, so does making the product easy and convenient to display, after all, bars of soap are often plain and therefore it's the packaging that promotes the attractiveness and appeal to the consumer.

From individual to multi packs heat sealable BOPP or trap print laminations offer a great printable surface, perfect for labelling that often requires detailed text instruction and information with limited space available.  Choose from clear or white material both providing protection from dust and other contaminants, contain excellent moisture barrier properties and are heat sealable.  They also protect against the fragrance from transferring into other items during storage or onto consumers hands during purchasing.


Clear material allows for designs that provide ink free spaces ensuring customers can see what your soap bar looks like before purchasing, while white material provides complete design coverage, perfect for bright colours to catch the eye of the consumer passing by.


Salad bags provide a convenient option when purchasing salad and similar ready to use refrigerated items.  They retain their nutritional content remaining fresh for several days if they remain at recommended temperature and the bags have anti fog properties to ensure product visibility is not compromised during this time.  Pressurised air can be added before the sealing to protect the delicate leaves from crushing or bruising. 


Heat sealable BOPP/PE and PET provide a great option for designs than contain minimal branding and plenty of clear material show casing the fresh product inside, selling itself.


Sugar crystals are small, delicate and sweet and need to be packaged with premium grade materials to preserve the flavour and quality.  Our sugar bags protect against external contaminants and moisture keeping the contents pristine while providing a surface that can either be fully decorated with HD photographic images or windows of ink free areas can provide the visual appeal. Heat sealable BOPP provide a great print surface to promote HD photography and vibrant colours letting your brand easily stand out from its competitors, they are light weight yet strong enough to contain generous quantities while providing protection from an array of possible contaminants. 

Three side seal, flat paper bags can be used for many items not only within the FMCG market but can extend into other areas like travel industries in the form of motion sickness bags. 


Bags are one of the most common forms of packaging in the FMCG market.  From paper/ PET to BOPP, perforated, non-perforated, the options and uses are endless.