Pastry based goods experience a variety of ever-changing environmental temperature extremes.  Whether it be from fridge to freezer, microwave, or oven, our Susceptor material ensures various heating methods do not reduce the quality of its product.  This is achieved by the material absorbing mirco-waves and radiates the heat to produce that light and crispy pastry we all know and love. 


The food manufacturing industry adheres to strict standards when dealing with quality of all consumable products to ensure health and safety of the consumer. Packaging has an important role in this process too, not only does it need to ensure freshness and quality of its contents is maintained, but also to provide a functional and visually appealing representation of what the consumer can expect to find once they have purchased the product.

Our pie and pastry packaging is manufactured from high quality food safety material with specific requisites in mind.

  1. Keep food items fresh as long as possible extending their shelf life.

  2. Provide a physical barrier against tampering, bacteria, yeasts, and moulds. 

  3. Use quality materials capable of promoting rich colours and FlexoHD photographic imagery for excellent product appeal.

  4. Allowing products the ability to breathe in heated environments. 

  5. Produce packaging that protects its contents while ensuring easy access for the consumer.


Susceptor metallised paper provides a strong, smooth surface allowing for full coverage advertising using high definition photo-realistic image quality, and true to life colour.

Food grade quality and heat sealable.  

Easily perforated preventing moisture from accumulating inside resulting in the product becoming soggy.



For bakery items that don’t require full coverage branding on their chosen packaging clear PET film is a great option.


Our PET is food grade quality and easily provides a printable surface suitable for vibrant colour including true metallic inks.

Food grade quality and heat sealable.  

Perforations allows for air transfer keeping the item light and crisp without making it soggy.



Biscuits and cookies require packaging that protects against tampering and bacteria. Using single layer, clear, heat sealable BOPP expands product shelf life while providing a substrate that allows for eye catching designs and bright colours creating customer appeal

Like Pies and other bakery items, a physical barrier is needed to protect against tampering and bacteria but understanding the needs of individual ingredients also needs careful consideration. Chocolate for example must be protected from direct light to preserve its quality, while jams and other fillings can produce unsightly staining over time. Our material provides light and grease proof protection on a surface that can easily communicate fine detail as well as bold large areas full of colour and high definition imagery.

What catches the eye of the consumer when purchasing cookies is delectable, realistic photography replicating on the outside what will be found on the inside, our material produces fantastic print results every time while ensuring the quality of the goods remain as fresh as they day it was packaged.

Clever designing is the key to allow your brand to stand out from your competitors.  Multi pack bags provide a large surface area easily allowing for full coverage branding including FlexoHD photographic imagery while individually wrapped cookies that have smaller area for branding, incorporating windows of clear material provides the opportunity to really show off the delectable treats inside, easily exciting the consumer.